All you need to know about Fishing Clash

All you need to know about Fishing Clash

Cast your fishing rod and pull the biggest fish ashore. This fishing clash game not only offers really good graphics, but also a large selection of fish and equipment. Actually, fishing should relax and be good for the nerves. In this game, however, it looks a little different. There is a bit of a thrill when the fish are pulled ashore with the fishing rod.


Of course, you don’t throw your expensive device into the water to catch fish. You also don’t shoot around with a harpoon. The actual fishing process is almost a little unspectacular. To cast the fishing rod, simply tap the round button in the lower right corner. After a few seconds you have a fish on your fishing rod. Now it depends on your own skill whether you can catch up with your catch.


Of course, the fish don’t jump into the boat for you. They try to escape and therefore sometimes pull the leash more or less. You must therefore find the right balance between cranking and leashing. This is done by a controller on the right edge of the screen. As long as you manage to stay in the middle, you should be able to get your fish ashore. Of course, your prey animals are getting bigger and need better hardware. The more you invest in your equipment here, the more valuable your catch becomes. You can also fill your wallet with one or the other quest.


In principle, fishing clash can be played completely free of charge. To get better equipment faster, you have to invest a few pearls here and there. These form the in-game currency and are therefore difficult to obtain.

Conclusion: The graphics of this game are really good. There is no time to get bored because it takes a while to get all the locations, equipment and fish through. Time-limited tasks and quests also provide variety.

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