Fishing Clash Tips and Tricks

Fishing Clash Tips and Tricks

If you want to start playing Fishing clash, we are going to give you some tips and tricks so that you know how to perform well in the sea, fishing the most important and difficult fish in the game, which will bring you a lot of prizes and rewards.

So we have prepared some fishing clash tips and tricks that will make you get the best fish and also a multitude of rewards that you can invest in obtaining a better boat and even special rods, to reach even legendary fish.

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All you need to know about Fishing Clash

Dedicate yourself to raising your fisherman’s level

During your first hours playing Fishing clash you should have only one concern: raise the fishing level. If you manage to climb to a good level of fisherman you will get improvements in your throwing strength, it will be easier for you to catch the biggest fish and even to unlock new rods. All these factors are going to be worth it to further improve your fishing techniques, but for this you must first have an adequate level for it.

You must be clear how to fish

Do not enter the high seas until you are clear about how to throw the cane and handle the lure in the water. It is essential that you know how to throw the rod and also how to move the bait in the water to catch the fish, and then understand the game interface so that the fish does not escape once it has minced. When you know this whole procedure it is time for you to launch to the levels and set aside the tutorial.

Once the fish bites, use this technique

Although throwing the rod and moving the lure is not difficult, it is when a fish bites. You should consider your tension meter while trying to roll with the rod to bring the fish to your boat. You should not hold the reel button too much, and for this you must remove your finger sometimes to decrease the tension meter, but not enough because if you can not escape the fish.

Complete your collection but also sell the fish

While you are catching fish you can add them to your collection in the aquarium, which will bring you rewards such as pearls, gold and special coins. However, when you have advanced the adventure a little, you will be catching repeated fish. In this case it is better than bandages, to get many more rewards and use that money to improve your cane and baits.

Do not leave any mission in the regions

Each place has a series of challenges that get complicated as you overcome them. At first these tasks will be relatively simple saying that you catch a certain fish, but as they go forward they will ask you for even more complicated fish. That will make you get additional gold points, gems and better fishing mastery. Do not forget to repeat missions to get more complicated fish and better rewards.

Upgrade your ship

You should never settle for the initial ship, since you have 16 more to choose from, although you need gold. Each of these boats will be equipped with better elements that will help you fish bigger and bigger fish. So do not forget to carry out the missions to invest that gold in buying new ships. In addition you will also get additional money to upgrade each of the boats.

Do not miss the opportunity to fish legendary fish

While in most stages of the game you will be able to catch normal fish, there will also be special stages where you will run into legendary fish that give great rewards. The first one you’ll find is in Virginia Quay in Florida, so be prepared with a good bait so you don’t miss out.

These are the best tricks to get many fish in Fishing clash , so keep that in mind when you go out to sea.

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