Fishing Planet game review

Fishing Planet game review

Fishing Planet is already a sensation on the PC. PS4 players have been able to enjoy Free2Play simulation since late August 2017. Especially the breathtaking graphics and the realistic behavior of the fish make this game fun for all fishing fans!

You play online and so far only in single player. But there are leaderboards and events in Fishing Planet where you can measure yourself against other players. If you love to fish in real life, you will benefit from these skills in this simulation. Because the creators behind Fishing Planet rely on realism so that the fish are equipped with artificial intelligence and should behave in a lifelike manner.

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The most important facts about Fishing Planet at a glance:

  • Release: August 11, 2015 (PC) and August 29, 2017 (PS4)
  • Platforms: PC (Windows, Mac and Linux) and PlayStation 4
  • Genre: free fishing / sports simulation
  • Scenario: several waterways with numerous locations where you can fish, a variety of fish with your own AI as well as several weather conditions, day and night changes and many options for modifying your fishing rod
  • Remarks: not a real multiplayer mode where you can sit next to each other and fish, full controller support
  • Developer: Fishing Planet LLC
  • Publisher: Fishing Planet LLC

Fishing Planet: Complete realism and chic graphics

The photo-realistic graphics is the first feature that stands out in this sports simulation. The system requirements are quite moderate. If you play on the PC, you can play with Windows XP, 10.9 (Mavericks) or Ubunto 12.04. An Nvidia GTX 660 or better is recommended. If you have a graphics card with more than 2 GB VRAM , you can enjoy the beautiful graphics on different waterways at high .

Fishing Planet is only available digitally. So you can download the simulation on Steam. Console players go to the PlayStation store. You can find links to this above this paragraph. Of course, the game is financed through in-game purchases. There are also some packs that bring additional rods or spoons into play. Of course, these cost money and cost around 5.99 to 9.99 dollarss – depending on the size and content of the pack.

If you want to progress faster, you can buy rods and other equipment for real money in the in-game shop. For this reason, there are some negative steam reviews that say Fishing Planet is more of a pay-to-win title. If you still want a relaxed and beautiful fishing game, you should definitely take a look at Fishing Planet.

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