Learn How To Play The Fishing Clash Game

Learn How To Play The Fishing Clash Game

Fishing clash, as its name suggests, offers players a fishery that takes on equally epic, absurd and ridiculous proportions. With intuitive, fun gameplay and a progressively high challenge, fishing clash has captured many users on smartphones and tablets. Check out how to play.

Fishing Clash Named Best Game of the Year at the Apple Store.

Let’s go fishing

Although the game is quite simple, it is divided into 4 clearly demarcated stages. First we throw the bait, then we pull the line and then we shoot what we can catch. Lastly there is an upgrades stage where you can buy accessories to improve your fishing skills.

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All you need to know about Fishing Clash

Throwing the bait

Just tap the screen once and your fisherman will throw the bait into the water. Once in the water the bait will start to sink automatically and you will have to tilt your phone or tablet to control the direction it goes. At this stage your goal is to divert as much as you can from as much fish and jellyfish.

You start the game with Basic Lure, a bait with no appeal, but as soon as you make your first upgrade you’ll get the Chainsaw Lure, which also has great weight in gameplay. With it, you will be able to touch the screen and while playing your bait will sink faster, in an unbeatable period where the fish you touch automatically turn into money.

Pulling the line

At some point you will have to pull the line back, either because it has reached its length limit, because you bumped into some fish or jellyfish or because you have reached the end of the phase. When this stage of the game begins, the rules are turned inside out, but the controls remain the same.

Your bait will start to rise automatically and your goal will be to tilt your phone or tablet to catch as many fish as possible while returning while avoiding jellyfish. You need to catch a lot of fish to make money and also diversify the caught species in order to progress through the stages.

Shooting the fishing

Until then, Ridiculous Fishing sounds like a fairly common fishing game, but the ridiculous part comes next. After pulling the line all the fish and jellyfish you caught will be thrown into the air and you will have to shoot them so that they are actually counted as caught. Beware of jellyfish, they will make you lose money.

Each fish has a different gravity, some fall faster, some slower, and some are tougher and go into space. You’ll start with a regular weapon where you just have to tap the screen very fast to shoot them, but eventually you can buy much heavier weaponry, greatly increasing the level of ridicule.

Upgrading Your Equipment

After shooting the fish you can use the money you have earned to buy upgrades, improvements that will make your fishing increasingly ridiculous and efficient. Be sure to buy Toaster and Hairdryer right away as they allow you to bump into up to two obstacles before pulling the line.

There is not exactly a better order to buy the other items as they will all exponentially increase your ability to make more and more money from each fishery.

Better lures and fuel will give you longer invincibility times, longer lines will allow you to explore the more advanced stages, mid-phase starting items will make it easier for you to get deeper and deeper, and clothes will allow you to sell fish for even higher prices.

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